Lipo-Cavi targets fat cells using ultrasonic waves that breakdown fat cell membranes beneath the various superficial layers of the epidermis. The cells then release triglycerides and other fatty substances, which are naturally eliminated through your own lymphatic system This makes it a non-invasive procedure unlike the surgical procedure of liposuction you won’t need anesthesia, it is typically painless ( post treatment side effects may include mild bruising and temporary skin sensitivity).

Lipocavitation can be performed on the following areas of the body: thighs, hips, buttocks, upper arms, abdomen, face, neck, back.

During the lipocavitation procedure, a small amount of ultrasound gel is applied before your practitioner glides the ultrasound device over the treatment area in all directions. A single treatment takes about 20 minutes up to 50 minutes, and many who have undergone lipo cavitation say the treatment is devoid of pain (while creating a tighter, toner appearance, no less). Results differ from person to person and are dependent upon factors such as targeted treatment area, weight and age. While some people partaking in lipo cavitation treatments will see results a few weeks, most need between 10 and 12 sessions to meet their fat-reduction goals. The cost of lipo cavitation varies depending on desired area treated.